Core Desktop Admin Portal


  • Create Test User
    1. Creates a test user, valid for 1 day (removed every night).
  • Clone User
    1. Clones an existing user. This includes group membership, mailbox permissions and licenses
  • Add O365 License
    1. Adds licences to a subscription. You can then allocate these licenses via the O365 portal to users. Ideal if you need to allocate licenses in bulk.
  • Create User
    1. Creates a new user. License will be based on features selected. If you wish to allocate a custom license (e.g. Teams Exploratory) to a user later, tick the ‘No License’ checkbox.
  • Modify User Features
    1. Modifies features of an existing user and applies license accordingly. This is how you would upgrade a mail only account or downgrade a full user.
  • Deprovision User
    1. Disables the user account. After 30 days, account will be deleted in our AD and converted to a O365 only account, at this point mailbox will be converted to Shared.
  • Suspend User
    1. Suspends the user account (e.g. if going on long leave)
  • Unlock User Account
    1. Unlocks user account in both our AD and Office 365.


You can also perform additional user specific operations on an account. Search for and select the user at the top

From there you perform operations such as modifying account details, reset password, assigning licences or modifying group membership:

Click Edit to display full list of licenses available