Your desktop may load up in wrong manner in light mode. Desktop session in light mode looks like below:


When user launches Citrix Desktop, the browser will try to detect if Citrix receiver is installed locally. And if it finds the receiver, the browser will log the user in with Citrix receiver (Full Mode). And if is failed to detect the receiver, the browser will start the session in light version (browser mode). This is the default functionality of Citrix.

Light mode is designed as a fail-back solution when local Receiver is missing. Sessions in light mode have degraded performance and limited functionalities like printing and copying/pasting and some keyboard misfunctionality.

How to manually change session to Citrix receiver 

Lunch Citrix Desktop and select “Detect Receiver”. If you don’t get the option to Detect Receiver, then on the right hand side near the user name click on drop down arrow and you will get “Change Citrix Receiver” 


After that click on “Already Installed”


Then browser will take you to the Desktop selection. From here Desktop should open in full mode.


If it downloads ICA file, please click on always open and it will remember it.