This guide will walk through the steps required to configure a Core email account in Outlook for Mac.

IMPORTANT: Please note that this guide is provided for informative purposes only. Connectivity or any other issues with the software must not be directed to support.


  1. In Outlook, select Tools Accounts.

    On the Tools tab, click Accounts

  2. In the Accounts box, select Exchange or Office 365. (If you don't see this screen, it's possible you already have one or more accounts in Outlook 2016 for Mac. Just click the + at the bottom of the screen to add another account.)

    Add your first account

  3. Enter your email address.

  4. Choose User Name and Password as your authentication method.

  5. Enter your user name and password for Exchange, and click Add Account. Outlook will detect your Exchange server automatically.

    Exchange account information dialog box

  6. You might see a redirection message. If so, check Always use my response for this serverAllow.

    This redirect message might appear when you're setting up your first Exchange account in Outlook

  7. When the you've finished adding the account, it appears in the left pane of the Accounts box and Outlook begins downloading your messages and other items. A green indicator next to the account name means the account is connected.