This guide will help get you started with Core Desktop.


Installing Citrix Workspace

Core Desktop works best with Citrix Workspace. Click on one of the links below that relates to your specific device.

Windows PC or laptop

Apple iMac or MacBook


iPhone or iPad


Starting Your Core Desktop Session

Open up your web browser and go to The following was done using Google Chrome.

Enter your email address in the "User name" field and your password.


After logging in, this may be the first screen you see. Click on "Detect Receiver".


This screen will then appear. Tick the "Always open these types..." tick box then click on the "Open Citrix Receiver Launcher" button.

This page should then disappear and take you to the next screen. If it doesn't disappear, click on the "Already installed" link.


The next screen will present you with your available icons. Click on the icon.


The website will download an ICA file. Open this file to start your Core Desktop session. You can also select the option to "Always open files of this type" to avoid having to open the file manually.